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    Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) Treatment in Brooklyn, New York

    Table of contents

      If you have blocked arteries, you begin to notice significant pain in short order. If you don’t have the condition treated, peripheral artery disease turns into critical limb ischemia (CLI), which can lead eventually to gangrene and amputation. Get the best critical limb ischemia treatment at the Downtown Vein & Vascular Center to prevent serious complications. Call a top doctor in Brooklyn for critical limb ischemia treatment options, as well as early intervention and PAD treatments.

      What Is Critical Limb Ischemia?

      The term ischemia means that blood flow has been restricted in an area of your body. Critical limb ischemia, also referred to as CLI, is a sign of severe peripheral artery disease, a condition in which plaque has built up inside your arteries, causing serious blockages of blood flow to your feet, legs or arms. Ischemic limb pain  can be very intense and lead to serious complications such as gangrene, amputation of a limb or, in some cases, even death.

      Critical limb ischemia is a dangerous condition that requires immediate treatment. Severe pain or numbness in your arms, legs or feet may be a sign of peripheral artery disease or other serious vascular conditions, such as venous insufficiency or deep vein thrombosis.If you’re experiencing these symptoms and need an expert diagnosis or if you need critical limb ischemia treatment, rely on the best vein and vascular physician in NYC at the Downtown Vein & Vascular Center.

      What Are the Symptoms of Critical Limb Ischemia?

      Intense leg or foot pain is the most common symptom of critical limb ischemia. Many people with this condition experience leg pain at night, which may be bad enough to wake them up out of a deep sleep. Other symptoms you may experience include:

      • Numbness in your hands, feet or legs
      • Shiny appearance to the skin on your feet
      • Coldness in your hands, feet or legs
      • Weak pulse in your legs or feet
      • Sores or skin ulcers on your feet or legs that aren’t healing
      • Thickening of your toenails
      • Skin discoloration

      In the early stages of peripheral artery disease, reduced blood flow to your limbs may cause claudication, which is pain while walking that’s relieved while resting. As the condition progresses, rest no longer relieves the pain. It just hurts all the time, even while you’re resting.

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      I had a great experience with Dr. Sobolevsky during my vein treatment. He was knowledgeable, caring, and attentive to my needs. The results were fantastic, and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking vein treatment.

      What Causes Critical Limb Ischemia?

      Critical limb ischemia may develop after you’ve had blocked arteries to your limbs for months or years. Blockages in arteries known as plaques develop from a build-up of cholesterol, fats and other substances, causing narrowing that gradually worsens over time. Some things that increase your risk of developing critical limb ischemia include:

      • Smoking
      • Obesity
      • Sedentary lifestyle
      • Family history of vascular disease
      • Aging
      • High cholesterol
      • High blood pressure

      The risk of developing critical limb ischemia worsens if you have diabetes. Because of serious complications, such as neuropathy and circulation problems, diabetics must work on keeping blood glucose under control and frequently check for sores on the feet, such as blisters, ulcers or change in the color of the skin.

      Contact an experienced physician Sergei Sobolevsky at the Downtown Vein & Vascular Center in Brooklyn if you have numbness or pain in your legs or feet. By obtaining a proper diagnosis and treatment, you can prevent the development of advanced conditions such as critical limb ischemia. Schedule a consultation at the first signs of peripheral artery disease to begin treatment and prevent further complications.

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