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    Understanding Fibroids Types and Conditions

    Table of contents

      When your periods have a heavier flow than normal or your cramps and pelvic pain become unbearable, call on the expert familiar with fibroid conditions and adenomyosis, two of the most common reasons for these symptoms. Dr. Sobolevsky at the Downtown Vein & Vascular Center in Brooklyn serves every Brooklyn neighborhood and greater New York City. Call for a consultation today to discover if uterine fibroids have been causing your period pain and other symptoms.

      How Do Uterine Fibroids Feel?

      Uterine fibroids are growths in your uterus that are made out of fibrous tissue that’s rich with blood vessels. They normally form during your child-bearing years. They’re common among women, and while they aren’t cancerous, they can cause major disruptions to your daily life with a whole host of symptoms. Some women don’t have any symptoms at all, while others feel so bad that they seek fibroids treatment for relief.

      In Downtown Brooklyn, find the most effective and up-to-date treatment options from the best fibroids specialist at the Downtown Vein & Vascular Center. Conditions often associated with uterine fibroids and adenomyosis include:

      Uterine Fibroids Anatomy
      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Great Results

      Dr. Sobolevsky is a wonderful and really caring doctor. I have known him for many years and he has helped me with several problems, always with great results. He pays a lot of attention to details and has always been very easy to get in touch with. He’s great at explaining everything about the procedure, and he really does care about you. You are in great hands with him! I strongly recommend him to everyone who has problems with veins or fibroids or any other problems requiring image guidance. Highly recommended!

      What Causes Fibroids Conditions?

      Little is known for sure about what causes fibroids to develop. They’re associated with estrogen stimulation. You may be at a higher risk of developing fibroids conditions if you have certain risk factors, such as:

      • Having mother or sisters with a history of fibroids
      • Having a vitamin D deficiency
      • Being an African American woman
      • Starting your period in your early teens
      • Being at the high end of your fertile years

      Unless fibroids are causing you significant discomfort or disrupting your daily life, you may not need any treatment. But if you’re dealing with the symptoms and received a diagnosis of fibroids, you have a number of treatment options. Contact the Downtown Vein & Vascular Center for a thorough exam that may reveal fibroids conditions.

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