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    Sclerotherapy Treatment for Spider Veins in Downtown Brooklyn, New York

    Table of contents

      Spider veins are small, but annoying web-like veins that appear just under the surface of your skin. While they’re not medically dangerous, they can cause embarrassment and self-consciousness. They also may indicate other, more serious vein conditions, such as varicose veins and diseases of the deep veins. Sclerotherapy for spider veins is a fast, safe outpatient procedure to get rid of the veins. Call the Downtown Vein & Vascular Center in Brooklyn for spider vein sclerotherapy with no side effects.

      What Is Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins?

      Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure for treating spider veins. Spider veins are superficial web-like veins that appear on your skin, causing cosmetic problems and other symptoms. In sclerotherapy for spider veins, your endovascular specialist injects a chemical solution into the problem vein, causing the blood vessel to close and disappear.

      Closing the vein forces blood to reroute to nearby healthy veins. The damaged vein fades and dissolves into neighboring tissue. Visit a top endovascular specialist like Dr. Sergei Sobolevsky and his team at the Downtown Vein & Vascular Center in Brooklyn. They perform advanced vein treatments, including sclerotherapy. The Vein and Vascular Specialists treat a wide range of other vein conditions as well, including:


      What’s Involved in the Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins Procedure?

      Before your spider vein sclerotherapy, Dr. Sobolevsky assesses the symptoms and reviews your medical history to reach a clear diagnosis. He asks you about any allergies before developing a treatment plan. Your sclerotherapy for spider veins happens at your doctor’s office. It takes less than an hour, depending on the condition of the veins. The main steps of spider veins sclerotherapy include:

      1. Your doctor positions you comfortably with your legs elevated.
      2. An assistant cleans the target area.
      3. The doctor uses an ultrasound or fluoroscopy devices for guidance and
      4. The vein doctor injects a sclerosing solution into the problem vein, which irritates the vein’s walls, causing the blood vessels to swell and scar.
      5. Your doctor massages the vein to disperse the chemical solution.
      6. A special bandage is applied to keep the treated veins compressed.
      7. After the problem vein shuts down, blood can’t flow, and it finds another route through healthy veins.

      The vein doctor at the Downtown Vein & Vascular Center uses the most advanced equipment for vein treatments. This vein specialist has the prerequisite experience and training to treat your spider veins. Sclerotherapy, along with endovascular procedures, are the best ways to remove spider veins.

      After spider vein sclerotherapy, you may expect some bruising, swelling or tenderness at the target area, which clear in a few days. Your vein doctor provides post-operative care instructions that include:

      • Compression stockings to wear during the day to promote blood flow into healthy veins
      • No hot baths, swimming pools or the beach for just a few days
      • Daily activity, like walking, to reduce the risk of blood clots or the recurrence of spider veins
      • No exposure of the treatment area to direct sunlight for a short while
      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Highly Recommended

      I highly recommend Dr. Sobolevsky for anyone seeking vein treatment. He was professional, knowledgeable, and provided excellent care throughout the process. The results were impressive and I’m grateful for his expertise.

      No Side Effects from Sclerotherapy

      Sclerotherapy causes few side effects, especially when you rely on a doctor with exceptional skills and extensive experience such as Dr. Sergei Sobolevsky. Any sensations from the procedure are mild and temporary. Any other short-term effects usually disappear within a few days.

      It’s possible that you experience some mild bruising at the injection site, but that’s normal and fades quickly. More serious complications are rare. Most, like mild swelling, can be treated with over-the-counter anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen.

      What Are the Benefits of Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins?

      Sclerotherapy is the best treatment for spider veins. The reasons your vein doctor chooses sclerotherapy include:

      • The lower cost is a big advantage.
      • Better skin outlook. The procedure kills off the problem veins, which fades within a short time, giving your skin a desirable smooth look.
      • This outpatient procedure takes only 15 minutes to an hour.
      • This “>minimally invasive vein treatment has minimal risks.
      • Improved body image. If the twisted web-like spider veins affect your self-image, sclerotherapy for spider veins boosts how you feel about yourself. Enjoy more wardrobe options without having to hide the unsightly veins.

      If you just searched for what is sclerotherapy for spider veins, you’ve found Dr. Sobolevsky and his team at the Downtown Vein & Vascular Center. Contact the best vascular specialists in New York City today. The practice is located in Downtown Brooklyn, but it serves all of Brooklyn and greater New York City. Deal with your spider veins once and for all.

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