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    Sclerotherapy Treatment for Varicose Veins in Downtown Brooklyn, New York

    Table of contents

      Varicose veins are unsightly large, twisted veins on the surface of your skin. They usually appear on your legs, but can show up anywhere. They’re not just cosmetic, though, as they can cause or be a sign of other, more serious conditions. Have your varicose veins treated by Dr. Sergei Sobolevsky at the Downtown Vein & Vascular Center in Brooklyn. He knows how to get rid of varicose veins through vein sclerotherapy. Call today for a consultation.

      What Is Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins?

      Sclerotherapy is a vein treatment procedure that involves the injection of a sclerosing agent into a varicose vein to kill it. Varicose veins  are large twisted black or bluish veins caused by damage to the one-way valves in the vein. The presence of varicose veins as a manifestation of superficial venous insufficiency may lead to non-healing ulcers if left untreated. Varicose veins may also signal deep venous insufficiency, which is associated with an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis, a dangerous and life-threatening condition.

      During the sclerotherapy procedure, your vein doctor injects a chemical solution that irritates the vein walls, causing inflammation that kills the vein. The vein treatment offers immediate relief from pain and other uncomfortable symptoms, such as swelling. At the Downtown Vein & Vascular Center in Brooklyn, Dr. Sergei Sobolevsky, an endovascular specialist, offers advanced vein treatments for varicose veins, including:


      Am I a Candidate for Vein Sclerotherapy?

      If you notice twisting and bulging veins, mostly on your legs, you may be a good candidate for varicose vein treatment. Your doctor may also recommend sclerotherapy for varicose veins if you suffer from the following symptoms:

      • Visible dark purple or bluish veins on your legs
      • Aching in your legs
      • A heavy feeling in the leg that has varicose veins
      • A burning sensation or throbbing in your lower legs
      • Muscle cramping caused by poor blood flow
      • Swelling in your legs
      • Venous ulcers that don’t heal easily
      • Pain that worsens with inactivity
      • An itchy feeling around the varicose veins

      At this Brooklyn medical practice, your doctor examines the symptoms and carries out further tests to determine the severity of your vein condition. As an expert in image-guided minimally invasive vascular and interventional radiology, Dr. Sobolevsky chooses the safest treatment for your varicose veins.

      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Compassionate Care

      Dr. Sobolevsky provided me with compassionate care during my spider vein treatment. He made the entire experience as comfortable as possible and explained everything thoroughly. I’m grateful for his expertise and would highly recommend him to anyone.

      Effects of Sclerotherapy

      Some minor cramping may occur for a minute or two following the injection. Your vein specialist massages the area so blood doesn’t re-enter the vein. The full sclerotherapy treatment only takes between 15 and 30 minutes. You can expect to see results within a few weeks, although you may need a follow-up visit to completely destroy the varicose vein.

      Choose an experienced vein doctor to prevent side effects, such as skin color changes or bruising. After the procedure, you can resume daily activities at once, without any downtime. Follow your doctor’s orders for recovery. Dr. Sobolevsky may recommend wearing compression socks, avoiding warm baths and not doing any strenuous exercise for a few days.

      How Is Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins Performed?

      Sclerotherapy is a same-day treatment for varicose veins, done at your vein doctor’s office. The main steps in the procedure include:

      1. You lie comfortably on your back with your legs elevated.
      2. The target treatment area is cleaned and sterilized.
      3. Your doctor identifies a twisted varicose vein and inserts a needle with the sclerosing agent.
      4. After injecting the foam solution, the doctor gently compresses the vein to spread the chemical.
      5. The specialist massages the blood vessel to promote blood redirection to healthy veins.
      6. The vein doctor repeats the procedure in other affected veins.
      7. The chemical solution irritates the vein walls and causes the treated vein to shut off.
      8. The scarred vein eventually dissolves into the body tissue and fades from your skin.

      The number of injections required depends on the size and number of your varicose veins. At the state-of-the-art vein facility, the Vein and Vascular Specialists can handle the most complicated vein conditions including varicose veins, spider veins and other circulatory problems.

      What Should I Expect after Vein Sclerotherapy?

      The extent of your sclerotherapy session determines your recovery period. Some post-operative guidelines and expectations include:

      • Some mild bruising and soreness on the treatment area
      • Pain medication prescribed to ease your short-term discomfort
      • Compression stockings to help your blood circulation
      • Leg elevation while at home
      • Follow-up with your doctor to monitor your progress
      • No hot baths or saunas
      • No exposure of the treated area to direct sunlight
      Following your doctor’s instructions helps prevent complications and promotes a faster recovery. The team at Downtown Vein & Vascular Center offers tips on how to prevent varicose veins, such as:
      • Getting regular exercise to promote blood circulation
      • Avoiding inactivity for long periods, such as sitting or standing still
      • Changing to a high-fiber, low-salt diet
      • Raising your legs when sitting or lying down
      • Reducing your weight
      • Avoiding high heels

      What Are the Advantages of Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins?

      Varicose veins affect your quality of life and require effective treatment by a vascular specialist. Injection sclerotherapy for varicose veins offers multiple benefits over other treatments, including:

      • Convenient outpatient care. Vein sclerotherapy is an outpatient care procedure that takes less than an hour without anesthesia. You continue your recovery at home.
      • Fast recovery. After the vein treatment, you can resume normal activities the same day.
      • Rapid results. Within a few weeks of the advanced vein treatment, the varicose veins start to fade.
      • Minimally invasive treatment. Vein sclerotherapy doesn’t involve any skin incisions, which reduces the risk of scarring and improves the safety of treatment.
      • Enhanced skin appearance. After the damaged varicose veins collapse and fade, you enjoy smoother skin and a boost in your self-esteem.
      • Relief for varicose veins symptoms. After the treated veins collapse and disappear, you feel relief from the pain and other symptoms, such as skin tenderness, swelling, itchiness and skin discoloration.
      • Reducing complications. Varicose veins increase the risk of serious conditions, such venous ulcers and deep vein thrombosis, which can cause a life-threatening pulmonary embolism.

      Dr. Sobolevsky and his team know the best treatment for vascular conditions. If you’re wondering how to get rid of varicose veins, contact the most experienced vascular specialist in New York City today. This vein doctor may be located in Downtown Brooklyn, but it serves all of Brooklyn, as well as the surrounding areas.

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